Create forms

Forms allow you to gather information from visitors to your website and process this information using scripts such as PHP, CGI, or ASP. The following example shows you how to create a simple form using the Form dialog.

Form dialog

Form action Input field

When the user fills out the form and clicks the submit button the data is sent for processing using the file specified within this input field, the form data is sent with method="post".

Other Input fields

The Name, Email, Address, Zip/Post, Country and Comments input fields allow you to create a specific description and input field within your web page form.

Submit and Clear buttons

You can assign text for the Submit and Clear buttons within these input fields.

Creating your form

1. Place the text cursor within the body section of your program.

2. Select Form from the editor's Include menu to view this dialog.

3. Edit any of the form input field titles.

4. Click on the Ok button when finished.

Use inline style

Select this checkbox if you would like to use the Inline style element when displaying forms.

This dialog also allows you to save your form properties. All files are saved to disk using a .form extension.

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