Using the preferences dialog will give you more control over the performance of Camillo editor. This dialog allows you to customize various aspects of the editor, such as Display toolbar tips, Verify delete files and Backup files when saving your programs. To activate this dialog, select Preferences from the editor's View menu

Preferences dialog


Maximize window on startup

Select this option to maximize the editor's window at startup.

Show file name in title bar

Display the program name within the editor's title bar.

Display toolbar tips

Select this check box to display the editor's toolbar tips.

Enable editors margin        

Select this option to turn the editor's margin on or off.

Feedback with sound

Play sound when viewing dialogs.

Display block text cursor

Display a block text cursor within the editor.

Display thin text cursor

Display a thin text cursor within the editor.

Tab indent

Increase or decrease the editor's tab indentation.


Load last session on startup

Automatically reload the last session on startup.

Backup file when saving        

Automatically backup a program when saving files to disk.

Delete file to recycle bin

Save deleted file to the Windows recycle bin.

Permanently delete file

Permanently erase a program file.

Show statusbar file name        

Display the program name in the editor's status bar.

Confirm save existing file

Ask before saving an existing file.

Auto save session on exit

Automatically save all open program files on exit.


Show dialog before printing

Display the select printer dialog before printing.

Line numbers when printing

Display the editor's line numbers when printing text.

Include program file name

Include current file name when printing text.

Print to A4 paper size

This checkbox changes the paper style to A4 when printing text.

Print to US letter paper size

This checkbox changes the paper style to US letter when printing text.

Also see the system colors section for a description on how to change syntax and system colors.

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