The Publish dialog easy to use interface allows you to upload the current page being edited to a remote server. The information you need to set up access to the remote server will be provided by your web hosting service. To view this dialog click on Publish from the editor's Tools menu.

Publish dialog

Program name

This input field will automatically show the current program name. 

Host Address

Internet host name or an IP address input field.

User Id

User Id used to access the remote server.


Enter a password for your account on the FTP site.


Enter any comments you have for this specific site.

Project name

To successfully upload a web page to the remote server you must include the project name within the <head> and </head> section of your program.

<meta name="project" content="name.web">

<meta name="targetfolder" content="/web">  

Current page

The first line of code must contain the name of the current page being edited.

Target folder

The second line of code is used as a target folder for your remote host directory.

If you select the Force lowercase upload checkbox your web page name will be converted to lower case before it is uploaded to your remote server.

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