System colors

This dialog can be used to change syntax highlighting and system colors. Using syntax highlighting can improve the readability of your source code. You can also change the editor's system colors such as background, gutter and line numbers. To reset the editor's colors simply click on the Default button.

System Colors dialog

1. Select System Colors from the editor's View menu.

2. Click on the Doctype button and chose a color from the color dialog.

3. Repeat the above action for the other colors.

4. Click on the Ok button when finished.

Screen refresh

The editor's screen will automatically refresh after changing a specific color from within this dialog.

System Colors properties

This dialog also allows you to save your system colors by clicking on the Save button and entering a file name. All files are saved within the Themes directory with a .scol file extension.

Ready to use themes

The editor also comes with its own collection of ready to use themes. To choose a predefined theme simply click on the Open button and select from the list of themes.

Also see the preferences section for a description on how to customize various aspects of the program editor.

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