Using active text

To edit an existing application file, first highlight the name of your file. Then select Active Text from the Tools menu or press the Ctrl+E keys. Remember to highlight the directory name if this file is stored in another folder. The following example shows how to edit the welcome.txt file.

1. Enter the following line of code within the editor.

OpenText "doc\welcome.txt"

2. Highlight the directory and file name as the following example shows.

OpenText "doc\welcome.txt"

3. Press the Ctrl+E keys to edit this file.

Directory name

Always include a directory name when editing files created with other software programs.

Active text file extensions


File extension


txt - doc


gif - jpg - png - tif - bmp


wav - mp3 - ogg

Style sheets


Library files

It is also possible to edit an existing library file within your program by highlighting your file name and selecting Active Text from the Tools menu.

Also see Locate programs for a description on how to locate your application software.

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